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Service for farmers //

Handlbauer – a safe partner close at hand! As our abattoirs are located in the areas where the pork and beef are produced our transport distances are short. We pay for pigs and cattle supplied by you. Handlbauer is an abattoir certified to IFS. Our standards of hygiene comply with the latest requirements. Furthermore, we place great value on species-appropriate, stress-free slaughter. In addition we ensure complete traceability by using the BOS system for cattle and the SUS system for pigs. The cattle and pigs are assessed by the certified classification service LFL.

  • Fast payment within 10 days (payment security)
  • Prompt removal of your slaughter animals within a week
  • Own supply of animals at our centrally situated abattoirs
  • Strong marketers with AMA seal of quality
  • Security of sales volumes due to large cold storage and warehousing capacity
  • One of the largest organic abattoirs in Austria 




We run two pig slaughtering operations. One in Lambrechten (Innviertel), where approx.  4000 pigs per week are slaughtered. The 2nd pig slaughtering operation is located in Baumgartenberg (below the Mühlviertel), where 4000 pigs per week are also slaughtered. We slaughter pigs with and without the seal of quality.


The following categories are slaughtered:

  • Seal of quality porkers
  • Porkers
  • Breeding pigs


This directs you to the pig slaughtering registration page.


Access to my ÖFK¹ slaughter data.



At the Linz site approx. 2000 cattle are slaughtered per week. Slaughter is carried out from Monday to Friday at approx. 400 cattle per day.


The following categories are slaughtered:

  • Naturama bulls
  • Seal of quality bulls
  • Young bulls HB Prem.
  • Young bulls
  • Bulls
  • Oxen
  • Antonia heifers
  • Seal of quality heifers
  • Heifers
  • Handlbauer HBM cows
  • Cows
  • Organic cows
  • Organic heifers
  • Organic oxen
  • Organic young cattle

Handlbauer offers the best market prices and optimum service. In addition we place great value on Austrian origin (born and raised in Austria). See for yourself by contacting Mr August Schöfberger, Handlbauer Linz, for market information and further questions on 0732 7658-174.


You can register for cattle slaughtering here


Access to my ÖFK¹ slaughter data.