Handlbauer Group

Production //

We are one of the largest private slaughter and butchery businesses and have dedicated ourselves to contemporary production based on using the latest technical standards. Thanks to processing methods using X-ray – a special X-ray process – we can analyse fat ratios and ensure optimum product quality. The proof of our high production standards is our certification in accordance with IFS. Maintaining short transport distances and our commitment to using controlled animal transport are a matter of course for us. Leading chains which have we supplied for years have come to appreciate our top quality products.




We place great value on the professional slaughtering of cattle, which for the most part are of Austrian origin. Our butchery rate is 80 percent and we offer an extensive range of different products which we can supply at all times  –  and in large quantities too. Handlbauer processes the largest quantity of beef products based in one location in the whole of Austria, and is one of the largest organic beef marketers in Austria.




We also specialise in carving and trimming pork and will willingly supply individual pieces such as shoulder, back or neck which are also boned and trimmed.