Handlbauer Group

History //

The Handlbauer company was founded in 1935 by Josef Handlbauer in Steinhaus, Upper Austria  –  in the beginning it was just an abattoir with a butcher’s shop and its own inn. In 1970 Herbert Handlbauer took over his father’s business and started expanding five years later: in 1975 an export slaughtering operation with a cold storage facility was developed in Wels.


Expansion was constantly being undertaken: in 1996 the Handlbauer company took over the abattoirs in Linz and Lambrechten; additional abattoirs in Pregarten, with SB production, and in Baumgartenberg (pig slaughtering operation) followed. In addition, the abattoir business in Wels was expanded to include cattle hide processing.


Today the Handlbauer-Gruppe is already being successfully managed by the third generation. The significant markets are Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Rumania, Bulgaria, the Balkans, Russia etc.